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Whether on a smartphone, on a browser, on paper or in geographical information systems, the world-famous maps from swisstopo show Switzerland in great detail and clearly legible down to the furthest corners.

Hiking Maps

8 January 2024

Leisure and thematic Maps

Switzerland is THE leisure country par excellence. swisstopo publishes hiking and winter sports' maps for your outdoor activities and most memorable experiences.

Product National Map 1:500 000

8 January 2024

National Maps

The world-renowned topographical maps are the basis for many activities and requirements. swisstopo maps show the remotest corners of Switzerland to various scales.

Screenshot of the Base Map with detail of Bern

8 January 2024

Swiss Map Web

Web-based map views based on vector tiles technology. The presentation of the maps can be adapted by experts to individual requirements easily and quickly.

16 January 2024

Geological Maps

Geological maps provide information on the geological composition of the superficial strata of the terrestrial crust at scales of between 1:25'000 and 1:500'000.

Digital Aeronautical Chart ICAO

8 January 2024

Aeronautical Maps

Swiss aeronautical maps with airports, airfields, airspaces, restricted and hazardous zones as well as air safety information.

Digital Historical Maps

8 January 2024

Historical Maps

Get to know Switzerland's historical heritage with the original Siegfried and Dufour maps or old national maps; or visualised impressively on modern maps, too.

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